Registration Information

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Registration Costs

For the best schedule, please arrange to spend the entire day at the festival, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Arrival time should be arranged to allow for registration check-in and book purchases before meeting the authors.

School & Homeschool Groups

Registration Form for School & Homeschool Groups (groups of more than 5) Help us give you the best Festival experience: if possible, have your parent chaperones register in advance with your school group. This helps us better estimate the total size of your group.

Individual and Small Groups

Registration Form for Individuals & Small Groups (5 or less) We encourage all individuals and small groups (5 or less) to register in advance so that you see the authors and illustrators you most want to see. You can register the day of the Festival, but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your author/illustrator selections. This form can also be used to add a chaperone to an already registered larger group.

Sunday Luncheon

Registration form for Sunday Luncheon