Pre-orders are orders for titles from the list of available authors' and illustrators' books placed in advance on our shopping cart site. The books can be picked up on any day of the Festival (Including Sunday sales). The sale of authors’ books is an important source of our funding and allows us to continue to bring in the wonderful authors and illustrators who make our Festival so special.

What are the advantages of pre-ordering?

It is a convenient, easy, and hassle-free way to avoid long lines and the hustle and bustle of the Monday and Tuesday book sales. It helps ensure titles’ availability depending on publisher and other pre-sale orders; however, this does not guarantee a title’s availability.

Who can do it?

Pre-ordering is available for teachers, librarians, administrators wishing to place a group order, or a parent wishing to purchase a total of 10 or more books. A valid email address is required with all pre-orders.

When does it start?

How do I do it?

Pre-ordering is now closed for the 2019 Festival.

Where do I pick the books up and how do I pay?

Pre-ordered books can be picked up any time during book sales, including Sunday, at the pre-order cash register in the book sales area in the Union Ballroom (Rooms 236, 238, 240). Pre-orders can be paid for with a purchase order, check, cash or credit card (credit card holder must be present) at time of pick-up.

Important information